Body Butter

Effortless all day moisture

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About Our Fragrances

Vanilla - Sweet, Rich, Warm

Lavender - Delicate, Floral, Sweet

Strawberry Guava - Tropical, Sweet

Lemon Verbena - Sweet, Floral, Citrus

Amber Driftwood - Earthy blend of Sandalwood and Musk

Peppermint & Spearmint - Minty, Fresh, Clean

  • Body Oil

    Helps lock in moisture and promotes softer skin. This is perfect to use as a moisturizer on it's own, or in combination with our body butter for additional moisture.

  • Hair Butter

    Helps restore moisture and keep hair soft. This is great to use for protective styles or everyday use.

  • Body Butter

    Moisturizes , protects and leaves the skin feeling smooth. This body butter can be used daily to keep skin moisturized, and is also great to use when hands are dry ( especially during the winter!)